AFM Galaxy Dual Controller

AFM Galaxy Dual Controller

New opportunities with 5100/ 5500/ 5400/5420 & 5600LS , Pico SPM/ Multimode, AFM/STM bases

The GALAXY DUAL controller creates new opportunities for AFM users by combining new features with those already available on your existing AFM. This new controller offers more than a second life to your AFM, it renews and improves the performance with new imaging modes and new intuitive software.
The GALAXY DUAL USB controller offers a real integrated lock-in for better  measurement capabilities (phase detection, field measurement…). Low-noise electronics and power supply coupled to a 24bit drive architecture provides high resolution and smart integration.


Agilent 5100 & 5500 AFM and Multimode AFM
New opportunities
Keep your existing AFM modes & Add new advanced modes
The GALAXY DUAL controller adds an array of new features to those commonly available on an existing AFM,

creating exciting new opportunities for AFM users.


This new controller gives new life to your AFM !

Improving its performance via intuitive software and new imaging modes !י



>> Compatible with existing AFM modes

The dual galaxy controller is fully compatible with the Pico SPM (STM), Multimode, 5100, and 5500 AFM bases.

  • STM, Contact, AC, Phase, MFM/ EFM, PFM, LFM, EC modes

>> Add new advanced modes

  • HD-KFM: Most advanced single-pass KFM mode. This method involves no lift, resulting in much higher resolution and sensitivity
  • ResiScope & Soft ResiScope: Resistance and current, even on soft samples, from 10² to 1012 ohms
  • Soft Intermittent contact mode: The 3rd AFM mode, Mechanical properties.  This new AFM mode enables quantitative measurement of adhesion, stiffness, Young’s modulus, and constant force

>> NanoSolution Software

High-definition AFM imagery finally accessible to everyone in a few seconds – Easy to use interface.
NanoSolution is a powerful AFM software package that allows an inexperienced user to automatically obtain a high
quality image with only a few clicks, independently and without difficulty. In parallel, manual mode offers a full set of
functions and parameter settings so that an experienced user can perform more complex measurements for publication.


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